Boom Lifts For Hire in the UK

A boom lift is an aerial work platform which enables both vertical and horizontal reach. Also known as cherry pickers, they are ideal for a range of outdoor services and construction tasks, especially when the job is too high to access with a ladder. Mr Plant Hire has a wide selection of boom lifts for hire in the uk, including electric models and diesel powered machines with both telescopic and articulated arm options.

What is a Telescopic Boom Lift?

A telescopic boom lift has a hydraulic arm which has multiple segments that can expand and contract to achieve different heights. Using the joystick positioned in the control room, the operator can move the arm to position it at the most appropriate height for the task at hand. These AWPs are typically used when there is a need to maneuver around obstacles and reach difficult positions in a small area, such as a building exterior or suspended bridge.

An articulating boom lift, also referred to as a knuckle boom, has multiple joints that allow up and over access enabling the machine to rise over and into tight spaces. These AWPs can be manoeuvred in tight and narrow spaces where space is limited thanks to their flexible arms which fold out and stow away when not in use. Diesel articulated boom lifts are a good choice when you need the power for rugged outdoor construction jobs. Mr Plant Hire has a range of engine-powered articulating boom lifts including the Genie Z30N and the Manitou 200 ATJ E rough terrain boom.

Electric Articulated Boom Lifts

If you need to carry out an indoor up and over operation, our range of electric articulated boom lifts for hire is a great option. These quiet and flexible boom lifts are able to operate in noise-sensitive environments, producing zero harmful emissions. They are ideal for use in warehouses, airports, tunnels and Clean Air Zones, as well as residential areas. Mr Plant Hire offers a range of electric boom lifts for hire, including the Niftylift HR15NBS, which operates on battery power alone.

We also have a selection of towable boom lifts that can be towed behind a vehicle. This makes them easier to transport between sites than other types of boom lifts, making them perfect if you need to travel long distances.

A telescopic boom lift is the most commonly hired type of AWP, owing to its versatility and capacity for carrying out both indoor and outdoor work. However, if you need a versatile machine for both rough and smooth surfaces or have specific height requirements to reach, then an articulated boom lift may be more suitable.