Hilton Employee Discount Programs

Among the most popular hotel chains in the world, Hilton offers a range of benefits to its employees. These include health and vision insurance, a defined contribution pension plan, and even profit sharing. Hilton also offers a variety of employee discount programs that allow employees to save up to 83% on hotel stays.

Hilton offers its employees two weeks of paid vacation time. It also offers twelve weeks of maternity leave and four weeks of paternity leave. Employees are also given twenty to thirty days off per year. Hilton employees also have access to a variety of programs that aim to keep them optimistic and resilient. These programs include employee discounts, professional development, and community outreach.

Hilton offers an employee discount program called ‘Go Hilton Team Member’. Hilton employees can receive discounts on hotel rooms and on food and beverages at hotels that are part of the Hilton family. Hilton employees can also receive discounts on flights through the company’s airline, Mighty Travels Premium. They can also receive free travel consultations and business class flights.

Hilton also offers a discount program called ‘Friends & Family’. With this program, employees can book a hotel room with their friends for a half price. This discount is available at Hilton Hotels and Resorts and DoubleTree hotels. These rates are also available at Embassy Suites hotels. In order to use this discount, employees must register with a Hilton Honors account. The account must be linked to the ‘Friends’ account. This Hilton employee discount allows Hilton employees to book rooms for up to four people at a time.

Hilton also offers a 401(k) plan with a match of up to 5% of gross income. Hilton also offers an individual Flexible Spending Account, which enables employees to set aside money for health and other expenses. Hilton also offers a variety of other benefits to employees, including dental insurance, long-term disability insurance, and life insurance.

Employees can also sign up for the Hilton Honors business card, which is available for $95 a year. This business card offers a 50 percent discount on all hotel rooms and free breakfast. It also offers a late check-out option and rewards employees with points when they shop.

Hilton employees also receive discounts on hotel restaurants. The discount is given on a sliding scale for food and beverages. The restaurants are managed by the hotel management, so employees must check in with a team member to get their discount.

Hilton employees can also take advantage of the ‘Hilton Family Travel Program’. This program allows employees to book a hotel room for their immediate family for no charge. This program does not require proof of family membership, but employees must dine at a restaurant that is managed by the hotel.

Hilton employees can also take advantage of a program called ‘Team Member Travel Program.’ This program is offered to regular part-time and full-time employees. Team Members can book up to seven nights with friend and family rates. Employees can also book up to thirty nights a year with employee discounts.