How to Choose the Best Office Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is important for all types of businesses, and professional cleaners are trained to clean every nook and cranny of your office space. They use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe for the environment and your staff, and can ensure that your business is free of germs and bacteria that can cause illnesses. If you’re considering hiring a cleaning company, you should consider their reputation and experience to ensure that they will provide high-quality services.

A local cleaner with a good reputation will likely offer competitive prices for their cleaning services. They will also have the necessary tools and supplies to perform a variety of cleaning tasks. For example, they will be able to clean your windows, remove dirt from tile grout and dryclean upholstery furniture. However, you may need to ask for a custom quote for these services because their rates are based on specific tasks and your requirements.

Many cleaning companies offer a variety of packages, including basic office cleaning, deep cleans and other specialized services. The cost of these packages will depend on the size of your office and the frequency of cleaning services. Some cleaners also charge extra for difficult to clean areas, such as vaulted ceilings and high-up windows. If you are looking for a cleaning service, make sure to check their Star Score, verification badge and reviews by Edmonton homeowners to gauge their quality.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed the importance of quality cleaning and disinfection for commercial spaces. Many Edmonton office cleaning services are focusing on these efforts, especially in light of the need for increased public health and safety.

For example, if you need cleaning services in your medical office, it is best to choose a cleaner with a proven track record of providing thorough and efficient cleaning. Miraculous Maids is an Edmonton-based cleaner that has been in the cleaning industry for 14 years and offers a range of residential and commercial services. The company is an advocate for green cleaning and uses eco-friendly cleaning products in all its jobs. They are also passionate about their community and donate a percentage of their profits to Valour Place.

Another cleaning service with a focus on environmental conservation is GS Helpers Inc. This company provides various cleaning services for both homes and offices, from vacuuming to scrubbing floors. They use environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices, which are good for the environment and their clients’ health. They are a trusted name in the industry and have an excellent customer satisfaction rating.

Other commercial cleaning companies, such as JAN-PRO and Stratus Building Solutions, offer full-service janitorial maintenance that includes everything from dusting to mopping to disinfection of surfaces. They can help your business maintain a clean and healthy workspace and provide a better experience for your employees and customers. They can even accommodate specialized requests, such as high-touch point and electrostatic disinfection, or a custom schedule for your facility. They are one of the largest janitorial service providers in Canada, with dozens of branches across the country.